Packer Draft Report: That One was Worth It


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Draft Be Damned, I Wanted that One Bad

Let’s set the record straight that while I’m not actively rooting against the Packers:

  • I believe the Packers would be in a better position for the future getting a higher draft pick versus sneaking into the playoffs
  • I believe the Packers will be in a position, most likely by Thanksgiving, where it would be beneficial to start Jordan Love

All of that said, I enjoyed the crap out of Sunday. It was the first time seemingly all season we saw a Green Bay team come out and look like they gave a damn from start to finish. They easily could’ve let things pile up against a better opponent, but they didn’t.

As I screamed while Rudy Ford was returning his second pick of the night, “Draft picks be damned, I effing want this!!”

And now, back to our regularly scheduled program


Current Draft Position

Green Bay Packers – 14th Pick

FPI chance to earn top-five pick: 8.4%
FPI chance to earn top-10 pick: 34.6%

The Packers odds at moving up in the draft position obviously took a hit with that win, dropping from 9th to 14th in the current draft standings.


The field up there got a bit more crowded after this past week. Most of the teams near the top of the order lost as they were expected to like Houston and Jacksonville. The real problems came from the unexpected results, like Las Vegas losing to the Air Bud of NFL coaches (there’s no rule that says a dog can’t coach an NFL team) while the teams that did win, like Carolina, pulled more teams ahead Green Bay.

The Packers still have the 5th toughest remaining schedule after this week. After the shakeup Sunday, though, doesn’t seem like SOS really means a whole lot for anyone.


“#1” Hit of the Week

“One Night in Bangkok” – Murray Head

Another song that was part of a larger ensemble. “One Night in Bangkok” was part of the score in the 1984 musical Chess, written by one half of the much more popular band, ABBA.  Murray Head sang/rapped the verses while Anders Glenmark sang the operatic chorus.

The musical centers around an international chess tournament involving an American and Soviet grandmaster, mirroring the Cold War tensions felt at the time including in the chess world. While the musical itself got middling-to-poor reviews, “One Night in Bangkok” still gets airtime on local your local throwback stations and climbed all the way to #3 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.


Week 10 Outlook

Every week, we’ll take a look at the teams sitting ahead of the Packers in the draft order and their next opponent. Each game gets a rating of one to five tanks based on how likely they are to win, thereby clearing the way to the top draft spot.

Houston Texans: Washington Commanders – 2 Tank

Houston probably won’t win another game this year, but if they were going to win one, this might be their best chance.

Las Vegas Raiders: @ Denver Broncos – 1 Tanks

As previously stated, you don’t lose to Rent-a-Center Matt Patricia. I’ll never trust them to win this year, or the following 7 years. They have a stink on them.

Carolina Panthers: @ Baltimore Ravens – 2 Tanks

The Panthers did their job last Thursday and beat the Falcons. I’ll be very shocked if they can do the same vs the Ravens, especially now that Baker Mayfield is back starting.

New Orleans Saints: LA Rams – 2 Tanks

Welcome to the club, Na’leans! Even if the Rams are without Stafford again, the Saints don’t have a prayer.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Bye Week – 1 Tank

Bye is favored by +5.

Chicago Bears: @ Atlanta Falcons – 4 Tanks

Justin Fields is becoming a true NFL starter. He still has zero help around him and makes some terrible mistakes, but the Bears shouldn’t have a problem in this one.

Denver Broncos: Las Vegas Raiders – 5 Tanks

I hate to keep piling on…

Wait, no I don’t. The Raiders lost to Jeff Saturday!

LA Rams: @ New Orleans Saints – 3 Tanks

I know what I said above, however I do think this game depends a lot on if Stafford is healthy. The Saints could give them troubles, especially with injuries to guys like Cooper Kupp.

Cleveland Browns: @ Buffalo Bills: 1 Tank

I’m a little gun shy around Buffalo after they pooped the bed vs the Vikings. Cleveland is hopeless without a competent quarterback. Unfortunately, Watson is still suspended one more game, which means he gets to miss getting his teeth kicked in by this Bills defense.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Cincinnati Bengals – 2 Tanks

Cincy isn’t the same team that won the AFC last year, but PIttsburgh is a shell of itself as they let Pickett figure things out.

Detroit Lions: New York Giants – 3 Tanks

The Texans gave the Giants fits early on, but lacked that “knee cap biting” mentality. Some of the veneer around New York might be fading.

Atlanta Falcons: Chicago Bears – 2 Tanks

They’re going up against a better quarterback and better team overall. However, Chicago is one to let bad teams stick around and make a game out of it.

Arizona Cardinals: San Francisco – 3 Tanks

Kyler Murray is still day-to-day, but Colt McCoy just game managed the crap out of the Rams. Anything can happen on Monday night.

Famous First of the Week

Dow Jones Industrial average closes above 1,000 for the first time – November 14th, 1972

Almost 50 years to the day before the end of crypto.


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