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Game On Wisconsin Fantasy Football Week 3 Roundup


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The Packers snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. A few of our fantasy football owners were able to do the same this week.

Hide and Zeke  163.38  –  153.68  Go Balls Deep

This was the matchup of the week. Going into Monday night, Hide and Zeke was down 9 with their namesake (Ezekiel Elliot) left to play. Zeke pulled out the victory for Greg Williams with 2 TDs and over 100 yards from scrimmage. Greg is now 3-0 and second-leading scorer in the league.

Go Balls Deep needed a solid performance from Miles Sanders who instead plopped a solid dump on the carpet. His 8-point total was by far the worst performance for Matt Bove and Go Balls Deep. This team is leading the league in points, though they own just a 1-2 record.

Bad Juju  148.42  –  97.84  Final Dumpers

Brennen Rupp’s squad did more than enough to secure victory this week. Josh Allen and Najee Harris did the bulk of the work combining for over 55 points. That’s back-to-back wins and back-to-back big point totals for Bad Juju.

The Final Dumpers have taken a significant step back since dominating in week 1. There were some 20-point performances from Kamara and DJ Moore but nothing else of note. Kyler Murray took a step back this week and the WFT defense netted Brendan a whopping -6 points.

Token Brown Guy  127.8  –  97.54  Bishop Sycamore All Stars

Sanjay’s Token Brown Guy squad finally carved out their first victory. After absorbing huge back-to-back point totals, Token Brown Guy only needed to overcome 97 points. They accomplished that easily with massive performances from Ja’Marr Chase, DK Metcalf, and Cooper Kupp. Kupp exits week 3 with the most points in all of fantasy football.

What is there to say about the Bishop Sycamore All Stars that hasn’t already been said about brussel sprouts? After 3 weeks, Dan Kotnik’s squad has the lowest point total in the league and 1 outlying victory to hang their hat on. It may be time for Dan to ‘look inward’ and ask himself if fantasy football is a ‘good fit’ right now.

Winston’s Crab Legs  116.44  –  110.9  Marcedes Lewis and the News

Winston’s Crab Legs squeaked out a victory this week. Justin Herbert and Kareem Hunt dragged an otherwise ragged squad over the finish line. Andrew Mertins’ squad ranks 7th in scoring but has two wins on the season.

Marcedes Lewis and the News is the last team without a victory though the victory margins have been rather small. Antonio Gibson and Travis Kelce lead a pretty solid unit. Will Daire Carragher remain patient or will he blow it all up this week?

Complicated Fellas  102.22  –  94.42  Canadian Bacon

The Complicated Fellas pulled out another victory. My squad has by far the lowest points against. Logic suggests that the more fantasy football points you score, the less points likely to be scored on you. But that isn’t the case here, as the Fellas rank just 5th in points for. My luck will soon run out.

It’s another lackluster performance from the Canuck, Ryan Bowman. His Canadian Bacon squad took an early injury with AJ Brown which surely impacted the outcome of this matchup.

Week 3 Standings

1 Complicated Fellas 3 0 378.2 288.46 W3
2 Bad Juju 2 1 380.28 324.62 W2
3 Winston’s Crab Legs 2 1 341.84 381.3 W1
4 Canadian Bacon 1 2 333.72 363.2 L2
5 Marcedes Lewis and the News 0 3 354.62 387.98 L3
1 Hide and Zeke 3 0 409.38 371.62 L1
2 Go Balls Deep 1 2 434.88 404.16 W2
3 Token Brown Guy 1 2 406.9 410.54 W1
4 Final Dumpers 1 2 359 455.46 L2
5 Bishop Sycamore All Stars 1 2 314.06 323.54 L1

Move of the Week

Andrew Mertins’ decision to start Kareem Hunt ultimately secured victory for Winston’s Crab Legs this week. Hunt entered this matchup with just over 23 points on the season but matched that total and then some against the Bears this week – which we just love to see.

Hunt caught 6 passes and gained over 150 yards from scrimmage while adding a TD. He’s the 7th-highest scoring back in fake football this season, even outpacing his backfield mate Nick Chubb.


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