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GOWI Fantasy Football Week 1 Recap


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Week one is in the books. While it didn’t go the way the Green Bay Packers had planned, it did fall in favor of a few of our staff fantasy football teams.

Last week we covered the draft, but this week we saw some real football. I’m not here to talk about that. This is fantasy football – everybody’s favorite individual sport. It’s week 1 and the games matter – sort of. Let’s take a look at who was able to start the year off on a high note.

Canadian Bacon: 139.82 vs Marcedes Lewis and the News: 126.08

Ryan Bowman’s Canadian Bacon squad squeezed past Daire Carragher’s Marcedes Lewis and the News. Candaian Bacon was helped by big performances from Dak Prescott, D’Andre Swift, Deandre Hopkins, and TJ Hockenson. Marcedes Lewis and the News got some big days out of Corey Davis, Travis Kelce and CeeDee Lamb, but wasn’t able to overcome Canadian Bacon.


Complicated Fellas: 144.26 vs Bad Juju: 76.4

My Complicated Fellas took on Brennen Rupp’s Bad Juju. I took a chance starting 4 Seahawks (Russell Wilson, Tyler Lockett, Gerald Everett, and Chris Carson) and it paid off as those 4 combined for 75 points and half my team’s total. I owe Brennen a big thank you as he decided to give my squad all of his team’s TDs this week.


Hide and Zeke: 96.26 vs Bishop Sycamore All Stars: 81.62

Most of the big-name players on Greg Williams’ Hide and Zeke squad had an off day but the week was saved by the big Thursday night performance from Tom Brady. Dan Kotnik’s Bishop Sycamore All Stars underwhelmed this week, highlighted by the Aaron Rodgers performance.


Final Dumpers: 163.26 vs Token Brown Guy: 142.78

It was a heavyweight matchup between Brendan Dzwierzynski’s Final Dumpers and Sanjay Gowdar-Murthy’s Token Brown Guy team. The Token Brown Guy squad went into the Monday night game down by 11 with Josh Jacobs left to play while the Final Dumpers still had Darren Waller in their back pocket. With 30-point performances from Kyler Murray and Amari Cooper, the Final Dumpers recorded the most points in week 1 with 163.26 points.


Winston’s Crab Legs: 142.88 vs Go Balls Deep: 116.94

Andrew Mertins’ squad Winston’s Crab Legs had 30-point performances from Tyreek Hill and Adam Thielen. That proved to be too much for Matt Bove’s Go Balls Deep Squad and Winston’s Crab Legs were able to survive the Monday Night comeback attempt.

1 Complicated Fellas 1 0 0 144.26 76.4 W1
2 Winston’s Crab Legs 1 0 0 142.88 116.94 W1
3 Canadian Bacon 1 0 0 139.82 126.08 W1
4 Marcedes Lewis and the News 0 1 0 126.08 139.82 L1
5 Bad Juju 0 1 0 76.4 144,26 L1
1 Final Dumpers 1 0 0 163.26 142.78 W1
2 Hide and Zeke 1 0 0 96.26 81.62 W1
3 Token Brown Guy 0 1 0 142.78 163.26 L1
4 Go Balls Deep 0 1 0 116.94 142.88 L1
5 Bishop Sycamore All Stars 0 1 0 81.62 96.26 L1

Move of the Week

Being that it’s Week 1, we haven’t seen too many transactions yet. So Daire Carragher and his squad Marcedes Lewis and the News will get the first of this weekly fantasy football award. Daire took Corey Davis earlier than we expected (the 8th round) and elevated him to a flex start.

It didn’t lead to a win but the move still paid off. Davis recorded a 5-97-2 line for 26.7 points, and was Daire’s top performer this week. I have a feeling that Davis has already solidified a starting role on Marcedes Lewis and the News.



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