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Fantasy Football Wrap-up GOWi


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The Packers may have pulled off their first victory but we could care less. This is fantasy football. This is where men (and women) are born, bred, and NFL Redzone fed.

It’s week 2 of the fake football season. We’re keeping tabs on the progress of the Game On Wisconsin fantasy football league. Let’s check out what happened this week.

Go Balls Deep  164.26  –  97.9 Final Dumpers

Go Balls Deep went… well… balls deep on the Final Dumpers. Matt Bove’s squad was helped by a monster performance from Derrick Henry who rebounded in a big way with 3 TDs, well over 200 yards from scrimmage, and 47.7 fantasy points. A big Sunday night from Lamar Jackson lifted Go Balls Deep above every other squad with 164.26 points on the week.

The Final Dumpers were the top scorers in Week 1 but took a huge step back, even with Kyler Murray’s 33.1-point performance. Disappointing point totals from Alvin Kamara and Darren Waller ultimately ruined any shot that Brendan had.

Hide And Zeke  149.74  –  136.32  Token Brown Guy

Hide and Zeke wasn’t hiding this week. They brought it with big point totals from Tom Brady and Mike Williams. Both players are trending toward top 5 finishes at their respective positions. 19 points from the Bucs defense didn’t hurt. Greg’s squad is now 2-0

Token Brown Guy seems destined for the coveted award of Most Points Against, as the squad has absorbed two of the top four point totals we’ve seen in the first two weeks. Meanwhile, Sanjay’s team sits at second in points for. Cooper Kupp’s 36.8 points weren’t enough this week. Token Brown Guy is poised for a breakout.

Complicated Fellas 131.72  –  117.64  Marcedes Lewis and the News

My Complicated Fellas once again benefited from the Russ-Lockett connection. Lockett leaves Week 2 as the #2 receiver in fantasy football. However, an ankle injury to Dalvin Cook could impact the Fellas next week.

Daire Carragher’s squad is now 0-2 but it isn’t for lack of trying. They’ve got high-performing WR/TE players with CeeDee Lamb, Mike Evans, and Travis Kelce, and a point total that has them in the middle of the field. But they can’t afford to keep stacking these L’s.

Bad Juju  153.46  – 82.52  Winston’s Crab Legs

Bad Juju rebounded after a Week 1 bludgeoning from the Complicated Fellas. Aaron Jones went OFF last night for 4 TDs. But wait… there’s more. Courtland Sutton and Najee Harris provided over 40 points to make a serious high-end threat for Bad Juju. There’s a lot to like with Brennen Rupp’s team going forward.

Winston’s Crab Legs had some bragging power entering the weekend but they stubbed their toe pretty hard. Probably need to get that checked out.

Bishop Sycamore All Stars  134.9  – 99.48   Canadian Bacon

It’s been feast or famine for Dan Kotnik and the Bishop Sycamore All Stars. They threw out the tape from Week 1 but still lacked consistency through the lineup. The All Stars got a total of 1.7 points between their three lowest performers this week(Shenault, Steelers D, and Josh Lambo). You know what they say about a chain… Still it was enough to get a W in Week 2.

Ryan Bowman’s squad wasn’t a dumpster fire but Canadian Bacon failed to put a productive squad together. TJ Hockenson and DeAndre Hopkins made a solid duo. Still, it was a far cry from what Canadian Bacon accomplished last week.


EAST Team W L T PF PA Strk
1 Complicated Fellas 2 0 0 275.98 194.04 W2
2 Canadian Bacon 1 1 0 239.3 260.98 L1
3 Bad Juju 1 1 0 229.86 226.78 W1
4 Winston’s Crab Legs 1 1 0 225.4 270.4 L1
5 Marcedes Lewis and the News 0 2 0 243.72 271.54 L2
1 Hide and Zeke 2 0 0 246 217.94 W2
2 Go Balls Deep 1 1 0 281.2 240.78 W1
3 Final Dumpers 1 1 0 261.16 307.04 L1
4 Bishop Sycamore All Stars 1 1 0 216.52 195.74 W1
5 Token Brown Guy 0 2 0 279.1 313 L2

Move of the Week

Bishop Sycamore All Stars picked up Rob Gronkowski off the waiver wire last week. They had high waiver priority so we can’t give them too much credit but it was a solid pickup nonetheless.

Gronk entered Week 2 as TE1 in all of fantasy football and he’ll exit Week 2 as TE2, just a hair behind Travis Kelce. Gronk has been touchdown dependent up to this point with 4 TDs on 12 touches so it’s fair to expect a drop in production over the remainder of the 2021 season. But only time will tell.


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