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GOWi Week 4 Fantasy Football Recap


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Oh, how the mighty have fallen! It’s rare to see an NFL team go an entire season undefeated and even more rare to see a fantasy football team accomplish that feat. We can rest easy knowing that won’t happen in the Game On Wisconsin fantasy football league.

Winston’s Crab Legs  170.78  –  93.92  Canadian Bacon

Everything went right for Winston’s Crab Legs this week. They not only recorded the highest fantasy football total of the week but overtook the Complicated Fellas for the 1-seed in the Lambeau division. Only one positional player recorded single-digit points for Andrew Mertins’ squad, while Tyreek Hill went off for the biggest performance of the season – 47.6 points, with almost 200 yards and 3 TDs.

Meanwhile, Canadian Bacon continued their trend of mediocre performances that we’ve become accustomed to. Ryan Bowman’s team is quickly fading into the background after a 1-0 start to the season.

Bishop Sycamore All Stars  140.32  –  115.84  Go Balls Deep

After I hammered Dan Kotnik in last week’s recap, he responded with his biggest point total on the season. Four of his players went off for over 20 as the Bishop Sycamore All Stars recorded the second-highest total this week.

Go Balls Deep cooled off after back-to-back monster performances. Four players went for under 10 for Matt Bove. Derrick Henry continued to produce but he can’t start in all 10 slots.

Final Dumpers  134.42  –  108.56  Hide and Zeke

Nature called and the Final Dumpers answered this week. Pretty solid performances across the board for Brendan with DJ Moore going for 2 scores and over 30 this week.

Hide and Zeke suffered its first loss of the season. Mike Williams and Tom Brady underperformed and nobody did enough to float Greg Williams’ team above the Final Dumpers.

Bad Juju  100.12  –  100.12  Marcedes Lewis and the News

Yep you read that right! A GD tie with decimal scoring. Anything’s possible I guess. Brennen Rupp’s Bad Juju squad had a slight lead heading into Monday Night football with Mike Williams left to play, while Daire Carragher’s Marcedes Lewis and the News still had Hunter Renfrow.

Neither player accomplished anything noteworthy – aside from Renfrow’s awesome play on a Chargers’ punt fake, but that’s not gonna score you points in fantasy football.

Both teams lucked out as they tied for just 6th in scoring on the week. Daire is still chasing that elusive first W while Brennen sits at 2-1-1.

Token Brown Guy  95.82  –  78.16  Complicated Fellas

Not that it was terribly difficult for Sanjay Murthy’s squad this week but he just got his second win in a row after starting the season 0-2. Mahomes did Mahomesian things and that was all Token Brown Guy needed this week.

My Complicated Fellas took a huge dump on the field. Six of my ten performers went for under 10 while Logan Thomas recorded a goose-egg. None of my flex players made it across the goal line this week. Gonna be pretty quiet in the Fellas’ locker room. The week ended with both undefeated teams falling victim to their first L.

Week 4 Standings

Lambeau Team W L T PF PA STRK
1 Winston’s Crab Legs 3 1 0 512.62 475.22 W2
2 Complicated Fellas 3 1 0 456.35 384.28 L1
3 Bad Juju 2 1 1 480.4 424.74 T1
4 Canadian Bacon 1 3 0 427.64 533.98 L3
5 Marcedes Lewis and the News 0 3 1 454.72 488.1 T1
1 Hide and Zeke 3 1 0 517.94 506.04 L1
2 Token Brown Guy 2 2 0 502.72 488.7 W2
3 Final Dumpers 2 2 0 493.42 564.02 W1
4 Bishop Sycamore All Stars 2 2 0 454.38 439.38 W1
5 Go Balls Deep 1 3 0 550.72 544.48 L2

Move of the Week

Hide and Zeke snagged Chuba Hubbard off the waiver wire this week. He wasn’t exactly a world-beater recording just 9.1 against Dallas this week but the usage suggests that Hubbard is due for a huge performance.

Hubbard will be the unquestioned lead back for the Panthers until Christian McCaffrey returns. That means that Greg Williams netted himself an RB2 off the waiver wire for atleast three weeks.


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