The Leap: How Can You Not Be Romantic about Baseball?


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Baseball might look a bit different this summer.

If you’ve followed the news recently, you know that MLB owner have decided to lock out their players after negotiations fell through on a new CBA. It’s a bad situation for players, fans and the many, many pigeons that rely on spilled stadium popcorn and peanuts to survive.

Now, I’m not here to promote the idea of scab baseball players (#WorkersUnite), but we need to face the reality that if we want to see baseball start on time, teams would need to find players from elsewhere. Can’t use the NHL or NBA, they’re still in season. The NFL might be the perfect solution, so let’s help our local Milwaukee Brewers and give them some help, courtesy of our own Green Bay Packers.

Starting Pitcher: Jordan Love

Hear me out. He’s your best arm outside of Aaron Rodgers. Sure, if you needed an out, you probably trust 12 to place the pitches right where they need to be more than anyone else. But I need a starter that can get more than an out. I need a guy who can go 6-7 innings. Love has the younger arm. Plus, he just looks like a baseball player.

Catcher: Devondre Campbell

Captain of the defense on the gridiron, captain of the defense on the diamond. Love won’t have to worry about anything else going on; Campbell will make the shifts and call the assignments. And if Love is a little off, we know Campbell has the quick hands and body size to block the entire plate, and then some.

First Base: Dean Lowry

Not much to say here other than big guy who can rake. I don’t care about his fielding, his base running, none of it. Hang out at first, catch everything coming your way and then clean up the batting order.

Second Base: Davante Adams

Here’s my first tricky one. Do I want to go more defense or offense at second? I decided to go a bit more offensively with Adams. Have you seen those arms? Or better yet, watch him in the charity softball games every summer. He’s a power hitter who I think has the skills to hold his own defensively.

Shortstop: Jaire Alexander

This one feels like maybe the biggest no-brainer. Jaire is your best defender. He’s got the reflexes to cover anywhere, soft hands to pull in anything that comes his way. The guy just looks like he was built in the mold of Jose Altuve, and since I’ve already got Adams there, I’ll fill him in here.

Third Base: Kurt Benkert

Yeah, he’s not technically on the roster, but I want this one. He won’t be relied on too much defensively. However, when the ball does wind up in his mitt, he’s got to be able to get across the field in a hurry. I don’t know if I trust his arm on the mound, but I love it here.

Left Field: Kevin King

This is one I’m not sure how much to explain other than it just feels like the right fit. I didn’t want to leave his size and range off the field, but I’m also not sure I want to put him in the thick of things. I’ll “hide” him in left where he’ll make the plays when we need him but hopefully won’t need to rely on him too much.

Center Field: MVS

Another one that falls in the no-brainer category. He’s been the fastest guy on the team since he got here. He honestly might be the most valuable defender on the field with how much I think could cover out there. Heck, he could probably track down a foul ball near the back stop if he tried hard enough. 

Right Field: Randall Cobb

Cobb fields like he was built to play right field. With MVS covering the middle, he doesn’t have to cover much, but still reliable enough to hold his own. But what really sets him apart is his arm. The former quarterback can probably still sling it. I want him out there ready to gun down anyone who thinks they’re tagging up from third.

Closer: Aaron Rodgers

Forget the curveball, Ricky. Give ‘em the heater. That’s what I want out of 12 coming from the bullpen. Throw 12-20 fastballs and get out of there. Picture it. 3 outs from a win. All of a sudden, over the PA, you hear the opening guitar from “Enter Sandman”, and out trots the second coming of Marino Rivera. Baba Yaga, indeed.

Designated Hitter: Kenny Clark

I know the Brewers are a National League team, but I had to include this because 1. I’m an AL fan, so I don’t like watching pitchers flail at the plate and 2. I needed Kenny’s bat on this team, but I wasn’t sure where he might fit in defensively. Here, we get the best of both worlds.

Fan Question of the Week

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This week’s question comes from our friends at the Delayed Draw Podcast, @GB_Delayed_Draw on Twitter.

If an orange was blue, would it still be called an orange?
I love the questions that force me to learn something new.
Based on my (basic) research, the word “orange” as we know it in English didn’t really come into use until the 1500s when the fruit started showing up in England. The word is based, at it’s root, on the Sanskrit nāraṅga. In many older languages, there weren’t many words to describe the color orange, so the word for this new fruit gave English speakers a new word to better quantify a redish-yellow color.
It seems to have followed a similar path to the old myth of the origin to kangaroo: lazy English speakers wanted to know what something was, they heard a word in response and decided that’s what it’s called. So, based on that, be lucky they didn’t used to call oranges “boaty mcboatfaces” because that’s quite the mouthful for one little color.


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