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Dominique Robinson 2022 NFL Draft Profile


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Our next 2022 NFL Draft Edge Rusher profile is on WR-turned-Edge prospect Dominique Robinson


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Dominique Robinson – 6′ 5″, 253 – 5th-yr Senior, Edge Rusher, Miami Ohio

Combine Results:

Dominique Robinson was originally recruited to the Miami Redhawks as a 2-star wide receiver and spent his first 3 seasons on offense before shifting to the defensive side of the ball ahead of the COVID shortened 2020 season.

Robinson is still very raw as an edge rusher – shown by his lack of counting stats production – but his athleticism and explosiveness have held up – as shown by his strong showing at the NFL Draft Combine – after packing on an extra 40+lb to his frame. He has a high ceiling though his floor is less stable than other edge prospects in the class.


What I Like

+Athleticism & Explosiveness

+Fluid Hips & Flexible Ankles

+Ability to Consistently Attack the Outside Edge

+Closing Burst to the QB

+Flashes of Speed-to-Power Ability

+Pass Coverage Potential

+Effort Against the Run

Robinson flashes the top-end explosiveness and athleticism you want to see from an undersized Edge NFL Draft prospect. Robinson posted the best Vertical of all Edge prospects at the NFL Draft Combine earlier this month and that shows up on film. Robinson is quick off the snap and has the burst and foot speed to both attack the edge and shoot interior gaps.

Robinson shows very good hip and ankle flexibility along with good change of direction ability and foot quickness to both bend to get under OTs and win around the edge or to quickly redirect inside when OTs overset for his speed. He showed improved hand usage and the ability to knock OT hands down when his hand technique is on point.

As mentioned before, Robinson is very raw for an Edge NFL Draft prospect due to his youth at the position – 2021 was just his 2nd season at the position. That said, he’s shown impressive growth in the finer details of pass rush technique, including his hand usage.

While he still has a way to go, he deploys a solid double-hand swipe move and showed awareness of his depth in relation to the QB. Robinson also displayed some moves to counter off his initial speed rush, a necessity for NFL Draft speed edge prospects.

While primarily a speed edge rush NFL Draft prospect, Robinson shows some speed-to-power flashes on film. Though it will never be the base of his game, adding that StP element will only raise Robinson’s ceiling as a prospect and make him that much more dangerous for opposing OTs. Pass rushing is a dance-off and whoever brings more moves to the floor is going to win out.

At this time, Robinson is still primarily a pass rush specialist. However, he does show the technical base needed to stack the edge against the run, and the effort to chase plays down from the backside.

Robinson also shows good instincts and football IQ to play his keys and find the ball on misdirection plays. The fact he played for a MAC school helps him a lot in this regard as many of his opponents ran zone-read-based concepts as the backbone of their offensive structure and therefore prepped him for both finding the ball quickly post-snap and remaining disciplined against misdirection plays.

What I Haven’t Seen Yet

-Sufficient Functional Strength

-Refined Hand Technique

-Hand Punch Strength

-Go-To Counter Move

-Stack & Shed Ability vs Single Blocks

-Edge Setting Technique

-Consistent Run Down Snaps

At this time, Robinson still lacks the functional strength needed to be an every-down edge defender. While he plays with a very good motor and shows very good effort, his strength deficiencies hinder his ability to either hold up against the run or effectively attack edge rushers with power to counter his speed game.

Robinson’s biggest area of improvement as an NFL Draft prospect is he needs to continue to shore up and refine his hand technique. Both his punch placement and timing need polishing. These deficiencies show up as a pass rusher when he attempts to attack inside lanes or as a run defender when trying to set the edge.

He sometimes misses wide with his hands, allowing the blocker to gain control of the 1-on-1 and move him out of his assigned gap or tie him up to render him ineffective on a pass rush. Also, his timing against the run can be late, allowing the blocker to engage him first and wash him out of the run lane.

NFL Draft scouts will also need to project whether Robinson can develop more counter moves as a pro. Incorporating more pass rush moves will elevate Robinson from just a speed rusher to a multi-dimensional edge threat. For now, Robinson enters the 2022 NFL Draft with his speed rush and a dip-under counter move once he levels with the QB, very similar to ex-Packer KGB.

While KGB set the Packers career sack record with basically two moves, modern-day NFL pass rushers need to bring more to the table if they’re going to stick in the pros for longer than their rookie contract.

Robinson will help not only his NFL Draft stock, but also his career outlook if he can improve his stack and shed ability. Right now, Robinson has to work hard to gain separation after initial contact with blockers because his hand punch and upper body strength are just adequate. Robinson tends to get hung up on blocks after initial contact, which hinders his ability to use his speed to chase the ball.

Also, Robinson’s edge setting will need refining. His effort and motor are there, but he needs to make strides in his overall strength. He’s put some valiant reps on film, but he’s simply engulfed by bigger/better OTs too easily at this point.

Now, I’m – and no NFL Draft scout either – not expecting Robinson to stack and shed Faalele like he’s a blocking sled, but he can’t get folded and washed like a lawn chair in a hurricane either.

Also, Robinson needs to show better run gap integrity and decision making when shooting gaps. He has some reps on film where he tries to shoot an inside gap but can’t get completely clear of his blocker, allowing himself to both be easily washed inside and give up the edge to the RB.


Robinson has put his impressive pass rush upside on film for NFL Draft scouts to see. He’s a big projection prospect, but one who has both the motor and physical tools to improve and become a solid edge rusher.

How much he can improve his strength will ultimately determine whether he can be a 3-down defender or if he’s relegated to being a pass rush specialist. But this is the modern NFL, and pass rush specialists are specialists in name only: they are absolute necessities for any defense as offenses move to more spread concepts.

NFL Comp: Leonard Floyd

Role: Passing Down Specialist

Grade: Round 3-4 Pick


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