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Green Bay Packers Cancel Practice August 27, 2020


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The Green Bay Packers canceled practice today.

The Green Bay Packers were scheduled to practice at 10:30 this morning. In the wake of some of the other things going on in the world, they have decided to cancel that practice.

Ultimately in terms of missing practice, that’s not important.

The players are already dealing with an odd offseason and reduced practice time. One more practice being canceled is not going to make them sharper when they take on the Minnesota Vikings in two weeks.

What is important is what I’m going to talk about today.

I’m not going to lecture you on how you should feel about the recent player protests. I think most of you aren’t too worried about my opinions on that matter.

What I am going to do is try to encourage you.

Something Aaron Rodgers said last week has really stuck with me. It reminds me of a lesson that my mom always taught me when I was younger.

My mom said that you should listen to understand someone rather than to simply hear them. That coincides almost perfectly with Rodgers saying that the word silent and listen have the same letters for a reason.

I think that is something that has become lost in the world today. We are so charged up and amped to respond about certain things, that we fail to listen to the point the person across from us is making.

Sometimes it’s something as simple and trivial as to why wins and losses are not a quarterback stat.

Other times, it’s about things far more important in the world.

Eventually what happens is we become so obsessed with being right and winning the argument, we forget why the argument even exists in the first place.

The Packers are having conversations about ways that they can affect change.

That’s something that I would like to talk about as well.

Brennen Rupp, our NFL Draft writer often likes to quote the greatest country musician of all time, Garth Brooks on this subject.

The only way for the world to change for the greater good is people loving people.

That’s where I want to encourage everyone to start. It sounds trivial. It might even sound elementary to some of you. I understand that, but I truly believe that some of the things going on in life really come down to this simple principle.

Be nice to people.

Ask them how their day is going. Ask them why they’re upset about what is going on in their lives. Find ways to help them get through those difficult times. The simplest way we can all begin to affect change in the world is by looking in the mirror.

I understand that can be a difficult thing to do. I don’t like being wrong. I don’t like feeling like I’ve done things that are wrong. I don’t like feeling like I’ve hurt others.

With that in mind, I encourage all of you. Stop screaming at each other. Start listening. I truly do believe there are common grounds to be found if we can simply do something small like that.

Maybe we won’t agree on everything. That’s ok. As Andy Herman said on today’s Pack-A-Day Podcast, our differences are what make us unique.

I encourage you to stop finding reasons to hate each other. Find reasons to love and support one another.

Matt LaFleur always likes to say that we’re all in this together when referring to COVID-19. It doesn’t have to stop there. It is something that can apply in our daily lives.

You have my pledge to do those exact things. I implore you all. Take care of yourselves, and each other. When you feel like you can’t, please reach out to me. I’d be happy to help you in any way that I can to get through a difficult time in your life. My direct messages and phone line are always open.


Thank you all


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Jennifer Westendorf

Absolutely beautiful

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