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Game on Wisconsin: Welcome!


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A special welcome to all of you to Game On Wisconsin!

Good morning everyone!

My name is Jacob Westendorf. Some of you might be familiar with me. For those of you that are, I thank you for coming along as we start this new adventure.

For those of you that aren’t familiar: Hello and welcome!

As we started this website, I wanted to start with something a little bit lighter. There will be plenty of time for Packers analysis. That is, after all, what you are here for.

For now, however, it is time for introductions. I have already introduced myself, and slowly you will start to meet the rest of the team that forms the family that we call Game On Wisconsin.

The goal with Game On Wisconsin is very simple. We want all of the Packers’ related content you could ever ask for all in one space. In just a minute I’ll break down what exactly that means.

Every website has written content. I’ll be contributing to that, but I have an excellent team of writers that I think you will learn to appreciate as you continue to come around here.

Here are those writers.

Brennen Rupp – Are you a fan of the NFL Draft? Do you want to learn more about it before the actual event takes place? Brennen is going to be your go-to guy at this site. Brennen is going to write about the draft throughout the entire year. We’re very lucky to have his analysis and expertise on our side. You will be more prepared than ever once next April hits if you pay attention to what Brennen is saying.


Jimmy Christensen – A rising star in this community. Jimmy has been fortunate enough to interview several Packers’ players over the last couple of months. He will continue that throughout this site as well as providing his analysis on what happened on the field. Jimmy will also be a co-host for one of our video streams, Lombardi’s Bar.


Isaac Greig – A film guru that comes to the site from Fansided’s Dairyland Express. Isaac will provide you the in depth coverage of both college and pro football.


Todd Varney – New to the community, but entertaining. Another co-host of Lombardi’s Bar and will be writing the key matchups for Sunday’s games.


Paul Bretl – The machine. Paul writes about 600 Packers related articles per week. He’s a co-host for Pulse of the Pack, and will also handle a majority of our editing duties. He’ll chime in with his expertise as a writer throughout the season as well.

Niche Writing: 

Fantasy Football: Jimmy Johnson – Jimmy is our fantasy football expert. He will bring you his analysis and weekly start ’em/sit ’em through your fantasy season. Win your league championship with Jimmy’s help!

Betting: Matt Bove – Matt is a former writer at, and the captain of #TeamDegenerate. Matt has funded an entire trip from New Jersey to Green Bay, tickets included with his winnings. An expert that studies the trends and point spreads like no other.

Video Games: Adam Westendorf – Yes we have live Madden simulations as a prediction for who will win Sundays big matchup. Once the offseason hits we will have mock offseasons done at your request!

Miscellaneous – Tyler Grzegorek – Tyler is someone that I am thrilled to have with us. He has a wealth of experience with a wide variety of topics. He will contribute to the fantasy football and video games side of content in addition to some of the general Packers content as well.

Eli Berkovits – Someone else I’m very excited to have. I promised I’d stop calling him “rookie” but that is my nickname for Eli. He is going to do a live stream video session with us, in addition to some stuff for our social media team.

“What if I told you” – Sanjay Murthy – Sanjay is one of the hosts of The Freezer Podcast that will air on our site with Fred Thurston and Matt Jensen. An intriguing series that looks at some of the ultimate “what if?” moments in the history of the Green Bay Packers.



The Freezer Podcast – Hosts: Fred Thurston/Sanjay Murthy/Matt Jensen

Quick Slants – Hosts: Jason Perone – a 20 minute segment with Jason’s 3 quick thoughts on what’s going on in Packer land.

Happy Hour – Hosts: Maggie Loney/Perri Goldstein – Two rising stars in the Packers media community. A live video stream every week on the hottest topics surrounding the green and gold

Lomabardi’s Bar – Bartender: Daniel Kotnik; Patrons: Jimmy Christensen, Todd Varney – What’s the bartender serving up this week? Pull up a barstool and take a seat inside of Lombardi’s Bar!

Open Book: Host: Eli Berkovits – Want to know what’s going on inside the mind of Eli Berkovits? Join The Open Book live stream, ask him anything and you might just be lucky enough to have him answer your questions on the air.

Post Route: Host: Jacob Westendorf/Jason Perone – A decompress from Sundays game. a look into what is going on after the game and previewing the Packers’ next opponent. There’s a good chance there will be a guest or two that you recognize.

Pulse of the Pack: Hosts: Jacob Westendorf/Jason Perone/Paul Bretl – The website’s longest running show. These three guys keep their fingers on the Pulse of everything going on.


What I hope: 

Ultimately, this site is about you. Ever since I’ve been involved with any kind of media, my hope has been to keep the readers/listeners at the forefront. That is what Game On Wisconsin is going to be for. That is our mission. Every day we want to keep you at the center of the content we create.

We value your time and appreciate you taking some of it out to view, read, or listen to what we have to say. Without you, we’d simply be writing a diary.

So thank you all for reading along. I hope you’ll stick around.

It is time.

Game on, Wisconsin!


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