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Green Bay Packers: What to make of Jordan Love’s 2021 minicamp?


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The Green Bay Packers are getting a good look at Jordan Love. What are we to make of the results that we read?

Jordan Love is the Packers’ starting quarterback.

At least that’s the case as the team progresses through their mandatory minicamp. Aaron Rodgers is off enjoying his offseason somewhere. Whether that’s an excused absence or not, the team will not way

While the Packers and Rodgers are trying to come to a resolution, the show must go on.

One question that continued to persist as it became clear Rodgers was not coming to camp was how LaFleur was going to manage the reps for the quarterbacks.

In past years, the reps get divided and are sporadic.

ESPN’s Rob Demovsky noted on Tuesday that there was a point where Love had taken 16 consecutive reps.

With those reps come one of everyone’s favorite practices for the offseason.

We’re all scrolling through Twitter hoping to get the latest update for what’s happening in practice.

Tuesday, Jordan Love had a bit of a rough day. His day finished sailing a pass to a wide-open Malik Taylor on fourth down that would have extended his two-minute drive.

Jokes were made. Conclusions were drawn. Plenty of people had their takes they were ready to fire off as if they were scheduled for the very moment this happened.

Then Wednesday’s practice happened.

The sequence noted above from Demovsky was one of Love’s best stretches. With a limited offseason a year ago and no preseason to speak of, it’s not a stretch to say that is his best stretch as a professional.

It’s not uncommon for any quarterback prospect to struggle. That’s especially true for someone that had to make the leap that Jordan Love is attempting to make.

The highs with Love, are very high. The lows? Equally as low.

We’ve seen a bit of both of those through the first two days.

So what do we make of it? Anything?

I think friend of the program Jake Morley describes it very well here.

When Jordan Love was picked, the reaction was that of mass hysteria. You’ve heard all the talking points. I don’t need to bore you with them.

What was lost in the hoopla, is what the Packers have in Jordan Love. So much of the focus on the Love selection went to Aaron Rodgers.

None of it went to Love, a talented prospect in his own right. A player like Love is rare. If he reaches his ceiling, he’s Patrick Mahomes.

If he doesn’t, which is the more common outcome, he’s more like DeShone Kizer.

All that being said, the Packers are developing a first-round quarterback. That’s not something that should be taken lightly.

If you want some insight on what the best of Jordan Love can look like from those who know him best, look no further than what Tyler Dunne wrote here.

There are going to be ups and downs with Love throughout this offseason.

That’s true for any player. With Love, every low is going to be examined under a microscope because of who is not currently with the team.

Since Rodgers is not in camp you’ll hear the same narratives how Green Bay is lost without him. How they’d be the worst team in football if he doesn’t play.

All of those talking points are made thinking the Packers are employing Matt Flynn or Brett Hundley with a far less talented roster behind Rodgers.

With all due respect to those two men, they are not the prospect that Love is. To discount Love as if he’s just another Brett Hundley or DeShone Kizer would be foolish.

The Packers continue to publicly state they’re committed to Rodgers. They’ll continue to develop Love. Their plan was always to try and keep Love on the bench for at least two seasons before putting him in the lineup.

Rodgers’ MVP season, by his own words, may have messed up some of those timelines.

While all that is going on, Love continues to focus on what he can control.

One thing is for sure. He does not lack for confidence. When asked if he would be ready to be the team’s starting quarterback in Week 1, Love’s answer was very simple.


Talent and confidence leads to an incredibly enticing prospect to be at the controls in a post-Rodgers life that may be coming sooner than later. 


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