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Thursday Morning Ramblings: Getting the Rodgers Band Back Together


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What a difference a couple days can make.

As recently as Monday morning, there was still legitimate reason to believe Aaron Rodgers would not be re-joining the Green Bay Packers for the 2021 season. 

Suddenly everything changed.

Not only did the Packers manage to come to an agreement with Rodgers that would see him back for the 2021 season (while voiding his 2023 contract year and giving him some more leverage over what happens to him in 2022), but weirdly, a Randall Cobb return was suddenly in the works as well.

That’s right; Rodgers flexed his newly found influence and got the organization to bring back an old buddy from the McCarthy era.

Then, more reports. According to Adam Schefter, the Packers and Davante Adams were now once again preparing to pick negotiations back up, just days after it was reported both sides seemed to have given up on contract talks for now.

After a summer of Rodgers drama and it feeling like the Green Bay Packers organization was spiraling out of control, suddenly the smirks have been wiped off the faces of other NFC North fans everywhere. 

The band is getting back together.

Aaron Rodgers, the reigning MVP, is back in Green Bay. Davante Adams is here as well, despite some less-than-happy social media posts, and there’s still a possibility he’s here for the long term. Randall Cobb of all people, a long-time favorite target of Rodgers, is suddenly back in the fold as a great mentor for the young Amari Rodgers.

All of this got me thinking: if all it took was a request from Rodgers to get Randall Cobb back to the team, why not take this to the next level?

With that, I present to you, the 2021 GETTIN’ THE BAND BACK TOGETHER team, coming your way (or almost certainly not) this fall.

With quarterback (Rodgers) and one wide receiver (Cobb) already taken care of, there are still plenty of spots on the roster to fill with old buddies Rodgers might want to force Brian Gutekunst and company into bringing along for one last championship push.

BACKUP QUARTERBACK: Matt Flynn (2008-2011, 2013-2014)

The original Rodgers photobomb partner, Aaron Rodgers would surely want his ride-or-die OG Human Victory Cigar to come along for the journey.

RUNNING BACK: James Starks (2010-2016)

James Starks was the ultimate change-up to Eddie Lacy for a couple years, and will always hold a special place in Aaron’s heart for helping deliver the Packers’ 13th NFL Championship. Why not? Give him a call.

WIDE RECEIVER: James Jones (2007-2013, 2015), Jordy Nelson (2008-2017)

James Jones is already an honorary member of the Green Bay Packers to this day from his spot in NFL Network’s studios. May as well have him don the hoodie one more time for an epic title run.

Rodgers and Nelson are BFFs with a chemistry only matched by what Rodgers and Adams have achieved. Jordy can join us straight from the farm and nab a bunch of TDs. 

TIGHT END: Tom Crabtree (2009-2012)

Sure, there are better players that could be listed here, but none more likely than Crabtree to be the subject of a Rodgers flex to the front office.

OFFENSIVE LINE: TJ Lang (2009-2016)

TJ Lang seems to be enjoying retirement, but if his ol’ pal Aaron decided to give him a call to join the reunion tour, who would he be to say no?

DEFENSIVE LINE: Mike Daniels (2012-2018)

Daniels’ best days are behind him, but his tenacity along the front is sorely missed. If Aaron’s going to reach out to any old teammate to come help give this front seven a boost, this man is your best bet.

LINEBACKER: Clay Matthews (2009-2018)

Who else? Clay and Aaron have done it all together, from a Super Bowl to commercials. If you’re putting together one last ride, Clay is a no-brainer to bring in for the fun.

DEFENSIVE BACKS: Charles Woodson (2006-2012), Casey Hayward (2012-2015)

Woodson is getting inducted into the Hall of Fame this summer, as well as the Packers Hall of Fame, so he may well be feeling nostalgic enough to take Aaron up on one last push for championship gold.

Hayward was brought up in Rodgers’ presser yesterday as someone the Packers should have tried harder to retain. Well, they could bring him back now, right a wrong and get him a ring!

SPECIALIST: Tim Masthay (2010-2015)

Because anyone is better than J.K. Scott.



Quick Hits: July 29th

Some quick, random thoughts on the Green Bay Packers:

  • The Rodgers press conference on Wednesday afternoon was one of the most open, fascinating press conferences I’ve ever seen in the NFL. I thought Rodgers would skirt around a lot of the issues, but he absolutely did not. Required viewing for Packer fans.


  • I don’t expect a whole lot from Randall Cobb during the 2021 season, but he’ll be a great mentor for Amari Rodgers, and will be a better contributor than anything you could expect from Malik Taylor or EQ.


  • Note to myself to avoid getting hyped up from training camp reports. I’ll repeat this to myself every time I start slobbering over tweets about Jordan Love pass completions.


  • TJ Slaton looks like an absolute mammoth of a human being. Clearly strong and explosive. Looking forward to seeing how that translates to game action during preseason and beyond.


  • Speaking of preseason, I’ve never been so amped for preseason football in my life. We’re really gonna be getting a good look at the future of this team in August and I’m excited for it.


  • Right now, the biggest weakness the Packers have is punter. Seriously. Would also be willing to hear arguments for OL and DL depth.


  • I’d assume Amari Rodgers will be getting first crack at return duty this year, with Swervin’ Ervin no longer in the picture and Malik Taylor probably not making the team.


Coming next week

We’ll have been through a full week of Green Bay Packers training camp by next week’s article, so there will be a lot to talk about. Who’s standing out? Who might be the camp darlings of 2021?  Will there be any exciting new wrinkles or developments that we see in what the Packers are doing in terms of personnel packages?

All that Packer business, plus some unrelated fun times.


Tim Backes is on Twitter at @timbackes.


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