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JoJo Domann 2022 NFL Draft Profile


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JoJo Domann is our next Game On Wisconsin linebacker prospect for this year’s NFL draft, a smaller defender with valuable coverage skills.

There’s a litany of linebackers in this year’s NFL draft class who showed good coverage ability in college and who project to replicate that ability at the next level. No one, however, may be better suited to play the pass in this year’s class more than Nebraska’s JoJo Domann.

A converted defensive back, Domann still has the range and instincts to stick with pass catchers down the field, while also playing with a consistent toughness and grittiness. There are concerns about both Domann’s size and health, and how those will limit his role in the NFL. But, as a specialty piece, he could be a valuable addition to someone’s defense.

What I like:

+Coverage ability

+(Closing) speed


When Domann gets to the NFL, his calling card will be his skill in pass defense, just like it was at Nebraska. He played a hybrid type of role for the Cornhuskers, bearing responsibilities at a traditional outside linebacker spot and as a slot defender.

Not only did he play those roles, but he also thrived in them to the tune of an 87.8 Pro Football Focus coverage grade. He’s an agile, fluid mover in space who has the stickiness to bother both tight ends and wide receivers.

In the play above, you can also see his instinctiveness on display. Just like a defensive back, naturally, Domann reads the play and makes a prompt break on the receiver, playing his assignment and then reacting to make the play. That’s something any team in the NFL draft will want to see from a player who could end up in a hybrid role at the next level.

Against the pass or against the run, Domann’s speed is a valuable asset. Another trait tying him back to his defensive back roots, he ran a 4.62 40-yard dash at the combine, and on tape he shows good burst when closing out on ball carriers.

His speed is on display in a game setting in the following clip.

Yes, it’s easy for anyone to run in a straight line, but the point is how quickly Domann is able to close on the quarterback and blow the play up. There’s no time for the quarterback to react, dodge or elude, the tackler is in his face in an instant. It’s a positive in Domann’s favor that he’s shown the ability to close rapidly on ball carriers.

As far as intangibles go, Domann is going to be an instant plus for any team’s locker room. While at Nebraska, Domann was in the running for the Lott Trophy, a national award recognizing both on-field and off-field excellence, while also receiving citizenship honors from the Cornhuskers program. While this may not be at the top of many team’s priorities for the NFL draft, when you’re fighting to be selected on Day 3 it helps to have as many positives in your favor as possible.

What I haven’t seen yet:

-Playing bigger than his size

-Powering through bigger blockers


Domann’s stature will likely be a concern for whoever takes him in the NFL draft. While the positive traits are there to be successful piece in the pros, his sub-standard frame subjects him to being overpowered by bigger blockers and struggling to disengage.

That will likely limit his effectiveness at the next level. Domann will find a role with whoever takes him in the NFL draft, but against bigger, more physical offensive linemen and downfield blockers he could get washed out too often, meaning he’ll be stuck in a more specialized spot.

There’s also the concern about tread on Domann’s tires. He spent six years at Nebraska, including a medical redshirt in 2017 and his super-senior season last year. At 24 years old, he’ll be one of the older rookies in the NFL draft class. Additionally, he played in just 43 games across those six years. Just like it helps to have intangible plusses for later draft picks, it hurts to have questions about your durability.


Someone on the last day of this year’s NFL draft is going to get a high-energy, high-motor contributor in JoJo Domann. There’s a ceiling on what roles he can fill as a professional because of his slender build, but his coverage skills are vaunted and valuable.

Domann doesn’t have the ceiling of this year’s top linebacker prospects, and he’ll likely wait into the weekend to hear his name called. In the right situation, though, he could end up seeing starter-like playing time during his career.

6’1″ 228 30 3/8 9 1/2 4.62 1.62 DNP DNP 119 34.5 DNP

RAS: 7.66

Role: Hybrid linebacker-slot

Grade: Mid-Day 3

Comp: Deone Bucannon

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