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Haskell Garrett 2022 NFL Draft Profile


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Up next for our NFL Draft IDL profiles is the former Buckeye standout, Haskell Garrett.

Haskell Garrett – 6’ 1.5”, 298 – Senior, IDL, Ohio St

Haskell Garrett will probably be the only player in the history of the league who’s able to say that he was selected in the NFL Draft after getting shot in the face. All reports from that night suggest that Garrett was attempting to break up a fight before getting caught in the crosshairs. The incident occurred just prior to the shortened 2020 season.

Garrett didn’t let any of that get in the way of his performance on the field. Not only was he able to participate in every game that season but he took a huge step forward in production, recording per-game PRs in sacks, pressures, and tackles.

While Garrett has some undeniably attractive off-the-field traits, he’s equally impressive on the field.

What I Like

+ Burst/Explosion

+ Leverage Battle

+ Hand Quickness

+ Balance

+ One on One Wins

+ Consistent Run Fits

+ Disruption

+ Tackling

While Garrett lacks ideal height for the IDL position, he makes up for it with decent arm length – 32+ inches is more than enough to win on the interior. He combines a nice first step with quick hand movement. Garrett keeps his knees bent through contact and usually wins the leverage battle from the start of the rep to the finish.

He’s usually the one to initiate contact and typically dictates the rep. He uses his quick mitts to swipe blockers’ hands away allowing him more space to work. From there, Garrett displays above-average flexibility to finesse his way around offensive linemen.

Garrett boasts great balance and footwork for an interior defender. He’s displayed an impactful bull rush with a decent spin as a counter. Those two moves in concert, have been more than enough to win one-on-ones consistently at the college level. His 18 pressures on less than 200 pass rush attempts in 2020 serve as evidence of that.

As a run defender, Garrett definitely falls under the ‘penetrator’ category. His ability to get around blockers in one-on-one situations is equally valuable against the run. He can often be found in the backfield.

While Garrett is known for generating push, he still maintains control over his gap. He has the athleticism to pursue ball-carriers efficiently after he’s shut down running lanes. When he reaches the ball-carrier, Garrett makes solid contact and wraps up well. He’s missed just 6 tackles over the last 2 seasons.


What I Haven’t Seen Yet

– Pass Rush Nuance/Counters

– Anchor

– Natural Power

– Versatility

Garrett may have been a productive college pass rusher but we rarely ever saw him dip into his bag. If he doesn’t win with first-step quickness, he usually doesn’t win at all. He’s far too often tethered to blockers when his original rush plan fails. He needs to find other ways to win in order to make an impact as a pass rusher at the next level.

In Garrett’s most consistent and productive season – 2020 – he aligned almost exclusively over the guard. He played a few more snaps over the tackle this past season but was noticeably less impactful. We have a clear idea of where Garrett will be aligning at the next level. He’s a 3-tech who’s value drops significantly when he’s moved to another alignment.

Playing primarily from the 3-tech, we only saw a couple dozen examples of Garrett battling double teams. In those reps, he was usually pushed a few yards off the spot. That won’t change as he moves on to stiffer competition. He can’t be trusted to hold up inside the guard.



Garrett is a decent athlete for the IDL position who lacks ideal size. He’s your traditional 3-tech who offers little value outside of that role. Players like Garrett are not hard to find. There are usually a few in every NFL Draft class. Kingsley Keke is a great example of the type of production that Garrett can offer.

He’ll offer value against the run and as a pass rusher. He’ll have an immediate role as a rotational player with starting potential. The learning curve will be shallow for Garrett, which helps his draft stock. Haskell Garrett is a sure bet to be selected on day 3 of the 2022 NFL Draft.

Role: Rotational 3-Tech

Comp: Kingsley Keke

Grade: Day 3


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